Noah’s brother Mikhail got married on Friday! Anna got to be a (poor, sick little) cute flower girl. :) The reception was at a park, so Anna loved having time to play, and Leah got to meet great-grandma and have some fun with Auntie Laurie.

The quality of the pictures doesn’t reflect the quality of the moments. :) 1) Lunch with Anna at her little play room table yesterday, and 2) holding my sick little baby right now. She is holding me, too. :)

Recent life :)

The Napping House, where everyone is sleeping!
Top two photos: silly sleepers in the car (yes, Leah put that on her head).
Bottom photo: my girls sleeping the same way, and Noah was too! (You can see one elbow)

Leah Rose - 4 months old!

I can’t believe Leah hit 4 months on Saturday! Where is time going?

Leah is a very smiley, energetic baby. She has a serious little voice, and loves to talk to people, toys, fans, and especially her little dolly from Grandma. 

Leah mostly only cries when she is super hungry or hurting - if she is fussy or just wants held, or if her gums are hurting from teething, she has this little whiny voice, which is cute for now. :)

It’s so fun to see Leah’s personality come out. She holds her hands together all the time, and she has a cute sense of humor. Greenpa seems to be especially hilarious to her - when she sees him when she’s with me working at church, she gets so excited and starts laughing. 

She is very good at grabbing things (including hair now, watch out!). Lately she’s been working so hard at rolling from back to tummy, and she has managed to do it a few times, but she gets super frustrated about her arm getting stuck under her. 

Leah is scared of loud noises and loud singing (she cries when we sing in church), but she likes when you pretend to scare her. She is our cute chunky monkey, and I have a feeling that she is going to eat big people food as soon as she gets some teeth, because she is always hungry, and she already tries to get to the food on our plates.

And… she has enough hair for an itty bitty ponytail!

So that’s a little bit about Leah! She hasn’t yet had her 4-month check-up at the doctor, so I can’t give her weight and height. I’m looking forward to watching her grow and develop. We love her so much!